Want a good nut?  You have to start with a good nut!  If you are looking for high quality black walnut seeds to plant or delicious black walnuts to eat, you have come to the right place.  The quality of all of our black walnut products begins with the seed.  The Martin Walnut Tree Farm, offering First Fruits Black Walnuts, has high quality seeds available for direct seed planting.  Direct seed planting is not only convenient but also very economical.  The key is starting with proven seeds.  The seeds from the Martin Walnut Tree Farm are produced by thousands of trees we have planted from high quality cultivars. They can provide you not only with high quality trees, but with seeds that have proven excellent results in many standards of seed quality.  Take the opportunity to learn more about us on this website.

Call Mike at 573-450-6701 for pricing and availability of all our products,
which include the black walnut seed, nutmeat and ground shells.

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